Monday, 28 March 2011

How to trade US stock?

Last week, finally i had my US stock account opened, and i applied through TD ammeritrade, which is a reputable online brokerage based at US.

I chosen this online broker as it is reliable with good support, from the experience of few of my friends. Also i'd tried out the tools that you can get them for free after signed up. The trading tools are amazing, both for technical and fundamental analysis.

Also i'm an iPhone user, so i'm enjoying using the iPhone real time trading tool as well.

The application steps are easy, you can straight go and apply online by yourself. Or you can choose to be referred by me, which you will be able to enjoy special offer which is 500 free trades. To be referred by me, please drop down a comment of your full name and email address, or email me at with title of "TD Ammeritrade application".

After you filled in the online application form, you need to print the completed form (Open Your Account.htm) out, and then you need to sign on it. Bear in mind to save this page after you finish filled in the details. Else you will need to reapply later or filled in the form manually.

The documents that you will need are as below:

  1. W-8BEN - this is the only form that you need to mail to them.
  2. Photocopy of your passport.
  3. Your bank statement with your full name on it.
  4. You pay slip - this is optional.
  5. Online account application form (Open Your Account.htm), which is the one that i mentioned to save the page after you fill in the details online.
After your account being approved, you can start to fund your accounts. You can find the details from this page. I personally chose to electronic transfer my stocks from other online account.

Please feel free to drop me any questions.

Also i'm going to start introduce US stocks start from next week, stay tune.


  1. Hi Daniel, your blog is great!! y stop already?

    keep it up with the good efforts!!!


  2. Hi Aaren, thx for your comment. recently a bit busy, will try to post more these few weeks.

  3. Hi, just want to check with you that, you had mentioned W-8BEN is the only form that we need to mail it over, what about other supporting documentations like the copy of the passport and the application form? We can email this to them?

    Also, can we wire fund over through Maybank?

    What about the closing of acc? Are we able to withdraw all the funds in it?


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